Gambling Metaphors

in His likeness

Far from religion is where I lie,
I’m farther from God, He is religion.

Why should I know Him,
When all that is, is for Him?He says love is unconditional,
Yet, He commands to love and obey Him.

The good are rewarded,
But is that in heaven?

He wants me enjoy His creation–this earth,
But heaven is my eternal home.

He wants me to leave behind every materialistic gain,
While He continues in His reign.

I am created in your image and likeness, God.
I am just like you.
Gambling Metaphors

 I struggle my way through to find the venue of my interview and, eventually, get myself in a state no fresher than the vegetables lying around in the market past noon. As I reach, I literally stagger at the entrance of the building and clumsily waddle my way to the reception. I was thirsty and sweaty but also delighted to be on time and at the right place, for a change. I needed refreshment before I could get myself at the center of attention, and be judged.
 Therefore, I decide to make use of the facilities of my “would-be” office; I rise, I walk towards the washroom with an air of vanquishment and ostentation. I can see, from the corner of my eyes, my fellow, “would-be” colleagues watching me reach for the door with  an energy of rare kind, and there he is—standing there in the most helplessly natural yet unacceptable form of “release”. I was in the wrong place. Biologically, this was not the place for me; I was in the washroom for the “gentlemen”.
So, what follows my life experience is my interview.
Creative Head (horrified):  Amy?
Myself: …ERR! Hi. Yes, that is I.
Creative Head (with a pause, apologetically): So, it seems we can (or maybe cannot) proceed from where we left.
Myself (to myself): Ouch! I think, I just rushed into “breaking the ice”.
 The “he” was the “Creative Head”.
Formally yours,