Gambling Metaphors



He kisses her as she fumbles,

 He watches her as she stumbles,

 A tingling.


Sweat drops down her  lonely back,

Her thighs crave to fill it’s sweaty gap,

The thrusting move, within,  she cannot hide,

Heartbeats rising in Fahrenheit.

His hands take the cup,

Sipping on it, he leaves no drop.

He smoothens the edges as his slippery tongue unfolds.

She hears his breathless monologues.

He discreetly watches her as she unwinds,

Now watch them in and out,

Watch them come and go,

Watch them high and low,

Watch them drop to the floor.

Touch Puppy !—Watch her pour, as she wantingly thirsts for more.

She takes him deep, deep inside.

She won’t lose him.

He’ll wear her tight, he’ll sleep in her.

Tonight, her lips give him no closure.