My Feudal Lord

Read Tehmina Durrani’s book ‘my feudal lord’, which is painfully beautiful. It establishes the kind of man I was in love with once


Gambling Metaphors

Last First Love


Bitten by your sweet love,
Tasting your depth,        
Your eyes said it all,
 You are my greatest fall.
Can you show me your cruel love, again?
Cause, I’ve not had enough.
Can you hurt me by your touch, again?
Cause, I’m not broken enough.
I dreamed you,
I searched you,
I so much hate you.
Can you say those words you told me, again?
Cause, I try to live.
Can you walk away all over again?
Cause, I want to forgive.
I touched you,
I breathed you,
I so much hate you
 So numbed in places,
Not letting me go through new phases,
Standing in the cold outside,
The heart was colder inside,
Thought, I was bolder,
But, it was just the end coming closer.
I screamed you,
I cried you,
I so loved you
Gambling Metaphors

A love’s letter

I can’t write you,

I can’t figure what you say to me,

You make me talk about love, life and the deep,Image

I can’t write you still.

You’re a fancy of many hearts,

A dozen believe in what you have to say,

Some lie there by the box,

Some wait for you to be slipped in.

I have no clue still,

Oh! what you say.

You still break hearts,

You still open with hidden meanings,

You bring forth innocence pressed against a child’s heart,

You bring forth the shyness of a newly-wed wife.

But I can’t write you still.

I know you will change,

I know you will be misread.

… Love