Month: February 2014

A debut short film, When Darkness Closes In

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Not Amateurs But Enthusiasts presents Skitsofamiacs and their debut short film, ‘When Darkness Closes In’, starring Aditya Mohanty, Anuj Mishra and Priyanka Goswami, directed by Arbaaz Sikka, also the founder of Skitsofamiacs.
The films talks about the redeeming love of Christ that fills the void in the lives of three people from different walks of life.

Did we forget Shakira, at all?

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This Shakira-Rihanna duo comes as a surprise treat with their song, ‘Can’t remember to forget you’. The song has a fun element to it, groovy and fools around a bit in the head for some time. The video is a total engage with the charm of a mature Shakira, but not losing out on that innocent mischievousness that never fails to grace that body language of hers.
Rihanna, as poised as ever, maintains her dark side even in this girlie, boy-problem track– if only she smiled a little.

Although, it is hard to say what the both of them intend to do with each other, especially keeping the track lyrics in mind, the attempt is entertaining — even if, for a brief span.

This track is a recommendation, a  must watch, especially for the fans.

Originals: A Work of Photography by NABE

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Do they really know what you need?

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It is 4:40 am and I just woke up from hypoglycemia, i.e. low sugar. Needless to say, my mind and my body wasn’t in coordination. I have kept a jar of sweets near my bedside, which I keep it filled with chocolates. But this time my jar was left with nothing else except dark chocolates, which have low sugar content. The rest of the chocolates were eaten by someone else.

So unfortunately and against all odds I had to get up and make myself some sweet drink, which is normally not possible as your body gives up and cannot function or perform tasks in such a condition. But I had to. And then after all the bitterness and anger, which is ironical in my situation as” I am sweet all the time”  a thought just crossed my mind while everyone was asleep and I was fighting my own battle. Do they really know what I need at all times? Are they really being my support or just a hindrance in disguise? By they I mean the ones around you, taking care of you, in whom you confide, on whom you lean back on, in whose hand you have entrusted yourself.

And the answer was a sure no. They know I struggle, but they don’t know how I struggle. I don’t want to sound discouraging but diabetes is a long, long, very long fever that one gets. A fever that has to be taken care of every single day, meticulously and with an eye of precision. And people get tired. Yes, that is the truth. They get tired of taking care of you. Moreover, the human nature is such that the quality decreases with quantity. Each day they start being oblivious and casual, taking things a little more for granted than the previous day. So do you.

This is not to be taken to heart and personally. Nobody can take care of you more than you can, and there are two reasons behind that.

1. You know how you feel, where you are, what you are doing at all times, others don’t–not even your loved ones.

2. You definitely and relentlessly love yourself more than others.

So, who can be a better a caretaker of you than you? I am not asking you to go on a lonely journey with your diabetes but yes, let your guardians, your loved ones be the “friends of diabetes” that catch up for a while for fun and support but you be the “parent of diabetes”– responsible at all times, there at all times cause you are the only one who really knows what you need at all times.

As for what I will do to avoid such a situation again–I will my buy and keep my goodies in a place that no one finds and make sure I refill it and won’t wait for someone else to do it for me.Image