Gambling Metaphors

The Strong Man

By Amy Sandra

How can a faceless man be seen?
How can a voiceless man be heard?
All he bears is a pliable spine
that no body can break.
“I am a strong”, the man says.
His strength desires games
of resistance and loftiness.
Little he knows,
he soon will break
with the spine that melts away.
He will never stand again.

NABE · The Visual Diary

The flair of Pharrel turns on the ‘Happy’ switch

By Amy Sandra

Though, true happiness is felt without a reason, but the song ‘Happy’ sung, written and produced by the happy young man, Pharrel Williams, does have many reasons behind its instant and contagious feel of elevation and ecstasy, which is nothing less than the truth.
The song is an original soundtrack from the animated film, Despicable Me 2 that aptly resonates with spirit of the minions. Its neo-soul yet funk appeal is what transcends in to a groove that one helplessly taps to. The lyrics are honestly happy. “Because I’m happy clap along if you feel like a room without a roof” is what Williams raises his pitch to — a falsetto that sounds just right.
The video successfully replicates the mood of the brilliant composition. The tempo of the song is expressed with ease by different people through their own form of happy dance. From children to the elderly everyone is perfectly in sync with the absoluteness of the soundtrack. The flair of Pharrel cannot go unnoticeable in the way he communicates his happy. The energy can easily turn condescending, if not shared.
The soundtrack was nominated in the Oscars in the ‘original soundtrack for a film’ category.
‘Happy’ is in no taste despicable.