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Teaser for a sanitary napkin brand: Why be nasty? Change it! Campaign

The video is shot and conceptualised by me.

Medium: Video

Concept: Girls while menstruating are cranky, nasty, intolerant and throw tantrums as their pads are messy, wet and stinky which makes it itchy and uncomfortable. So with a sanitary napkin that is clean, dry, fragrant and stays at one place, girls are comfortable during their menses and so aren’t temperamental and so are the people around them – spared and relieved. This will be a humorous and a witty ad.

Act: Girl goes to meet her boyfriend and behaves all nasty and mean for no “visible” reason.


Girl (entering the café)

Guy (sitting and waiting already)

Guy (getting up to meet her): Hey baby

Girl (entering and cutting the guy in between and not even meeting him properly): oh God! What

are you wearing?

Guy (confused and startled as he was in public): baby? Huh? But?

Girl: You look so ugly! Change It!

Tagline: Why be nasty? Change it!

Note: Any part or idea of this Ad is prohibited from being used or reproduced without permission. It is copyrighted by NABE.


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