Client: Lenovo

Client: Lenovo Phones

Requirement: A phone launch campaign for the indian market

Delivered: A 360 Degree launch campaign that was carried by different digital platforms such as social media channels, influencer reach, mobile app and a dedicated microsite


Vibe X2 is a phone for the millenial, the young executive, entreprenuer. The phone is layered in three colours and is vibrant and with a zing.

Inspired from the look of the phone which has three layers of colours, the concept of an individual having a multi layered lives springs up. We all have our different sides. Especially, the target consumer is multi faceted and possesses multiple shades.

This idea led to the campaign of multi layered lives for the launch of the phone. This idea was adapted and moderated to different platforms such as a microsite with a content, social media with hashtags, and an app where one could upload their photo and get layered.


Lenovo Vibe X2


Social Media Presence



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                                                                         Lenovo Vibe on Instagram 


Get Layer




Lenovo App

Get Layered App and Microsite

Get Layered Lenovo

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