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Being a faithful lover of freedom, people and art, and an ‘intentional’ stumbler, life has given me only a voice as my comforter, my identity and my resource. Sceptical of my beliefs and slowly drifting into my ‘illusions’, introspecting and observing, I dare to bring a stammering voice into the ears of the deaf and the deafened. I choose to write—write till I can reach myself and many others, bringing out their voices from within.

The journey has not just been a contemplative walk by the beach, but I believe that is how I chose to make it. Since childhood days, I wished to write something to nudge people, even if, at the farthest end of them or the numbest place in them. It seems, I wanted to feel other’s feelings and see them respond, creating a change and bringing them out of drudgery, stagnancy, in the name of stability, and disfunctionality, in the guise of objective and rational thinking. I wanted to find beauty in the complicated task of detailed description rather than generalising and missing some notable lessons to be learnt and shared. I wanted to taste the power of holding an opinion, right or wrong and giving a voice to it; how else are we supposed to comprehend the intrinsic value of the same? I believe, if the alphabet ‘C’ stands for conflict, then the same makes for creativity.

As a pass-out from Miranda House, Delhi University, I inhibit individualism and equality not forgetting humanity that forms the core of me. I have passions to keep me more than occupied such as travel, music, food, English language, people and a restless, inquisitive mind, not to forget the girlie, inborn sense of fashion. I have adorned my volatile experiences of personal and corporate life, and have clearly developed the ability to keep the two apart from each other, which is paradoxical as I let both benefit from each other.

My most instinctive and impulsive forms of writing are poems and one-liners. With a better hold on a thought or subject, I give in to writing articles, and when my cup of reality overflows, I pour myself in the ocean of imagination and write fiction.

For a writer, the only aim is to attach value of words to everything around and so is my vision, which brings to you Not Amateurs But Enthusiasts.